About the Blog

This blog has seen years go by and has continued to change it's clothes to match the weather. While it still remains primarily a writing/books-focused blog, it's a little more me and what I love to do outside of writing and reading! You'll see posts about my favorite books, things I'm writing about, but also photo blogs, art, adventures, my favorite makeup things, cats, food, more adventures, and probably more food.  

About Me

I live in Hollywood, California where I work for a website--deviantART.com--and spend my free time writing, fangirling, and bringing fancy narwhals into the world.

I love books and writing and authors and things related to all of the above. I paint, blend tea, stay social, and pretty much stretch the limits of time with all of my endeavors.

Books comfort me. I dive into them and float inside of them until it's time to come back to reality. The stories, the characters, the thoughts, and the hope worm themselves into my every feeling and every moment.

About My Writing 

I want to create stories for others to hold on to. I want to create books people will clutch to their chests like a safely guarded secret and also thrust into the air to show others. Maybe they'd say, "Hey! You need to read this. You need this story."

I primarily write YA, but I'm no stranger to fantasy, and I definitely want to veer into darker territory. A budding love of short stories is quietly forming, but the novel is where my heart is.

About My Art

Watercolors are my medium of choice, but I love working with everything and anything at least once. I've sculpted and crafted jewelry, and I currently blend tea to fit characters and ideas with tea labels to match. You can find my 100+ blends for sale at a super cool tea company called Adagio Teas.

I've also been working on a lot of space art, and in an effort to combine storytelling with my art, I've created a fun little side project called 'Jellywishes.'

I've been fortunate to contribute to a few art zines and collectives, and I've been in Meltdown Comics and PixelDrip gallery shows (for Doctor Who and Community fan art, respectively), and most recently the Roald Dahl & Shel Silverstein Tribute Gallery by Fan*Alley. My products are and have been sold at Adagio Teas, Whimsic Alley, Clockwork Couture, Geeky Teas, Shanalogic, FOLD Gallery, Fan*Alley, and I've also designed a plush llama toy for DeviantArt.com. When I'm not doing, you know, all of the stuff above, you can find me on free weekends peddling my art and teas at local faires and conventions.

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