Friday, July 10, 2015

Writing Spaces

I spend an awful amount of time procrastinating and making excuses.

I hate to say it's built into my system, but I've trained myself over the last few years to work crazy and better under the pressure of a deadline. That's one of my excuses for writing this blog post the day before it goes up rather than writing it, you know, when I had the idea.

Another excuse I've made for myself with writing is not having the right space to work in. If we can be real for a minute, the last few years of my life has been difficult. I never had a space that felt safe or time alone, so now that I'm on my own, I’ve been puttering around my house designating every space as SOME sort of work space. Oh, YOU’RE my PAINTING desk! YES! HI PAINTING DESK *hugs painting desk*And you! You’re my writing space! And… and YOU! YOU TOO! ALL OF THE WRITING SPACES!

Part of stopping the excuse-making was to give myself a variety of places to call writing spaces. I have three dedicated spaces, not including you know, the couch. The more spaces, the more opportunity to write, right?

I've always drooled over those book-covered, tea-taking writing nook photos, but I grew to realize over time, as long as you can fall into a routine and you’re feeling good (or determined!) you can write anything anywhere.

Writing anywhere also means in various conditions and at various places. Like crowded noisy places. Or places where it feel like you shouldn’t actually be able to get writing done. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I go to Denny’s and write with my friend before work. Another friend and I take writing lunches where we write and edit on our work lunch.
All I need now is a writing dinner friend, right?

I’ve also learned, it’s not all about the writing space—it’s what’s inside the space that counts.

Not long ago, I bought a cheap (ADORABLY BLUE) laptop to dedicate to writing and only writing. Yeah, it kind of seems radical, but man, having a laptop just to keep all of my writing? It’s amazing. It’s light enough to bring everywhere (and I save to cloud storage!), and you want to know what the coolest thing is? As soon as I open the laptop, I’m ready to write. My whole brain is like, “Is it writing time?!” And it makes it a very exciting and enjoyable experience.

I guess the bottom line is, try a bunch of things and get yourself in the habit of writing anywhere. There may not be a chance to write from that dark writing nook converted closet, so just make sure you’re ready anywhere you go. Bring things to make every space a writing space. A book, notebook, laptop, pens, tea, cats--anything else you need.

What sort of writing rituals do you have? Do you have a writing space? Let me know in the comments! For more writing space photos and random cat faces, follow me on instagram!

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