Friday, May 9, 2014

Thoughts about Estari (the comic) and the upcoming launch

Hi friends,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently—it’s coming down to the wire to launch our comic, and even though we’ve been planning it and working on it for two years, it feels like we’re doing all of the important things right now.

I’ve been under pressure to complete something many times, and I’ve never doubted my ability to meet the deadline. Though I’m not doubting it now, it feels genuinely different than anything I’ve attempted before. Writing and practicing a presentation to speak to my entire company with a days notice. Developing patterns and prototypes for a plush toy that would represent my company and thousands would buy. Building a corset for a ball three days before the event with not an ounce of experience (I didn’t pop out of it, thankfully ;) )

I understand the vital days leading up to something important and committing to so much work it’s doubtful I’ll ever get there. In conversation, my friend once said to me, “It's also you, and everything you do that other people label suicidal tends to work.”

I enjoy rising to the occasion.

With this comic, however, it’s been an entirely different experience. We’re less than a month away, and even though I’ve broken up my schedule in a way that allows me to focus on pieces of things each week until launch, it’s very much juggling a bunch of things at one time and hoping they don’t drop. Or if one does drop, I can continue to juggle projects while bending down to pick it up.

The process of creating a story is intense on it’s own, but then to add the layers needed to make sure it’s a success, that’s the key. It’s writing a symphony, finding the perfect people to play it, and sitting down for your first performance.

It has to be magical.

The process of creating this has been magical for me, having come together with an amazing artist whose art complements my words and my colors which complement her lines. While writing the story has been on me, the process has largely been equal parts collaboration, stressful thinking time, and flashes of story coming when least expected.

So here I am. Here we are.

I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m ready to launch Estari to the world and bring people into its world.

June 4th, guys. June 4th.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

I LOVE BOOKS #8 Giveaway winner!

Hi friends!

A quick, random Thursday I LOVE BOOKS blog to announce the winner of the Choose-Your-Own Laini Taylor Book Giveaway!

Generally, we have more participants, but we only had three (OF THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE) this go around!

The winner is 


Congratulations, and I'll be sending you a message shortly about your win!

Thank you everyone for your patience in my blogging schedule as I'm nearing the launch of the webcomic!