Monday, April 21, 2014

Wake up, Monday! #7: ipsy

Hi friends!

I've been doing a lot of posts about nail polish, nail strips, etc, but I wanted to do something quick to highlight a product/service I'm really excited about.

ipsy has been around for a little while, and I'm only just three months into my subscription, but I look forward to it every month. I mean. I basically dance around the mailbox summoning the mysterious, metallic pink package to magically appear.  It's a monthly makeup sampling subscription package where you take a quiz to customize what types of products you'll receive. The quiz is pretty quick, and once you're off the waiting list, you will receive 4-5 items tailored to you by your survey. ALSO. You get a cool makeup bag with every package! MAKEUPBAGSGALORE!

I've heard some criticism regarding the bags and that some people receive a certain type of product that they never selected in the survey, but you can re-take your quiz again if your preferences change.
My March bag :D

The products seem to be a good mix of well-known brands and brands that seem under the radar, and the quality--as I've seen in the last three months--is pretty great. I have incorporated a few of their samples into my daily makeup routine. (You may have seen my strange textured nail polish featured on the blog!)

They have a points system which I haven't quite taken advantage of where you can review items, post those reviews and products to facebook, and earn points when people join using your referring URL. These points tally up and you can use them for special offers that are revealed each month. 

Overall, this is a good subscription package at 10$ (plus tax) a pop for 4-5 make-up items that can be anything from skincare, nail polish, lip liner, eyelashes, I mean, anything and everything. Some brands I've seen in my packages have been Zoya and Urban Decay, and there are often ipsy deals like coupon codes or buy one, get one if you decide you like the package and want to purchase more. If you like makeup, surprises in the mail, the opportunity to try something you maybe wouldn't have thought to pick out, and want to own a billion makeup bags, ipsy is perfect for you ;)

If you can join using my referring URL here. Let's be ipsy friends!


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