Monday, March 31, 2014

Wake up, Monday! #4: Roughles, Nicole by OPI

Hi friends!

This week, I took a step away from Incoco's glorious nail appliques to try out a nail varnish I got through ipsy's subscription service!

After reading mixed reviews about this nail polish, I thought I'd give it a go as I've been looking for something simple and different to wear.

What to buy:

It was definitely an interesting experience--this nail polish doesn't lack in texture. It's a sandpaper texture and actually reminds me of sand under clear ocean water. It's a very lovely hue, and I was surprised how pretty it looked, particularly against my pink tattoos ;)

In the sunlight, it's very matte, almost dull, but I think the novelty of it makes it pretty special. I wanted to see what it would look like with a top coat, but I really like the rough quality of it. It's girlie and unexpected at the same time.

Applying coats was only a teeny bit challenging, as too much would yield a really thick looking coat of nail polish, but applying thin layers ran the risk of it not spreading well. Two coats and some minor touch-ups was good enough, and the nail polish is forgiving--if you miss a spot or if it is uneven in places, you can't really tell ;)

Overall, I think I would definitely keep this polish in my collection as a game-changer, but maybe not something I'd wear willy-nilly. It's certainly perfect for the upcoming summer months, and I look forward to experimenting with it some more.

More gratuitous texture shots!


 Happy Monday!

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