Monday, March 24, 2014

Wake up, Monday! #3: Spring Nail Designs

Hi friends!

This is the first in a series of nail designs I'll be featuring from Incoco! I really loved these, especially with my new flower tattoo! They are a perfect light design to complement your spring wardrobe. In this edition, I've just very slowly started to manipulate shapes out of the nail appliques. ;)

What to buy: 
Incoco Nail Designs: Spring Fling
OPI Nail Polish: Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
Seche Vite Top Coat

 Notes for Success: 

  •   Don't be afraid to peel off the nail wrap and reapply. Be gentle but these wraps are durable and made to be applied just the way you want!
  • The directions on the wraps say to gently stretch to fit. Take advantage of this to get a nice smooth surface at the tip of your nails! 
  • If you're going to cut the nail designs to create something new to layer over nail polish, definitely try and cut them while they are still attached to the paper.
  • Use a light coat of nail polish for the nails you're going to lay a design over and use a topcoat to seal it all together.

Incoco Nail Designs come with 16 wraps with 
varied tips to fit to your nail shape. Since I used nail polish
in addition to the wraps, I was able to save the second
set of wraps to save (store properly) for later!

Happy Spring, friends! :D

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