Monday, March 17, 2014

Wake up, Monday! #2: Spring Cleaning

oh sweet jesus

Spring is just around the corner (officially on Thursday!) but the urge to do a bit of early spring cleaning compelled me. I've always had a difficult time managing my closet, and even though I make quarterly trips to donate, it seems like the clothes keep multiplying. Something really needed to be done.

I threw open my closets and drawers and piled all of my clothes that I owned onto the bed with one goal in mind: Reduce my clothing pile by 50%.

My strategy: Dump clothes into a pile, separate clothes into like-piles, and then go through and make "Keep" and "Giveaway" piles.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I was amazed at all of the crap I had accumulated. I mean, I found an Orlando Magic jersey and a Space Camp t-shirt from when I was a kid!

26 deviantART shirts! These were dA Staff shirts from SDCC!
Gave away a rainbow of colors *u*
I created a nostalgic rule to keep 10 pieces of clothing that were just sentimental. I went to Space Camp in the 4th grade, and my father took me to a billion concerts, one of which was Bob Dylan!
Gave away 10 dresses, one of which was this great summer dress.
Finally parted with my rainbow hoodie ;__;
My closet is still pretty full... but at least it all fits!
Even if this hockey jersey doesn't fit in amongst the frills ;)

A billion bags (7) of clothes to donate. And a bonus cat!
After four hours of sorting and reorganizing, here are some stats!
  • 10 skirts, 10 dresses were given away
  • 26 deviantART shirts = highest number of like clothing
  • I had a difficult time getting rid of pretty shirts and skirts
  • 74 items of clothing donated!

Still a long way to go, but what a load off of my wardrobe! I'm not accustomed to spring cleaning, it's definitely made me (and my bedroom) feel a lot lighter. Happy Monday, friends!

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