Monday, March 10, 2014

Wake up, Monday! #1: St. Paddy's Day Nail Designs

Hi friends!

Super excited to be blogging again! I've been planning on reviving this corner of the internet for a little while, and instead of a grand post about all the things I am going to talk about, I thought I'd just jump right in!

Monday Wake-up's will be anything fresh and fun for Monday morning! Art, inspiration, anything. Just a little something to wake the brain up!

I wanted to make this post for St. Patrick's Day, but I thought maybe posting early would be good for those of you who might want to emulate the look for your green day!

What to buy: 
Incoco Nail Designs: Emerald Isle
Zoya Nail Polish: Josie
Seche Vite Top Coat

 Notes for Success: 

  •   Don't be afraid to peel off the nail wrap and reapply. Be gentle but these wraps are durable and made to be applied just the way you want!
  • The directions on the wraps say to gently stretch to fit. Take advantage of this to get a nice smooth surface at the tip of your nails! 
  • The Zoya green nail polish is a bit more green than how they appear in some of these photographs.

Incoco Nail Designs come with 16 wraps with 
varied tips to fit to your nail shape. Since I used nail polish
in addition to the wraps, I was able to save the second
set of wraps to save (store properly) for later!


So much fun, and it almost reminds me of Legend of Zelda with all the gold and green.
Maybe I'll experiment with the leftover set of designs to create something worthy of Hyrule ;)


  1. Fun! Can you only buy those Incoco nail polish strips online right now?

    1. As far as I know, yes, but it also looks as though they offer Incoco application of the nail designs as some spas/nail salons: I'll definitely keep an eye out, though--I'll certainly be featuring them again in the future. <3

    2. I'm tempted to try them! They look fun. :) (And the festive design you did for your nails is luffly!)

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