Sunday, August 19, 2012

All of the Things

Hi friends!

Long time no see, yes? I had so many blogs posted, and then all of a sudden BAM things happened. Things like SDCC, where I went and worked the booth for, and LeakyCon, where I got my Harry Potter geek on.

San Diego Comic Con was particularly amazing this year because of all of the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet, and all of the AUTHORS I got to see in person! I watched a panel moderated by Nathan Bransford, which had all stars like Leigh Bardugo, Kami Garcia, James Dashner, Tahereh Mafi, Scott Westerfeld. dfjksdhfjdsgfsd.

I also finally got to meet Victoria Schwab of THE NEAR WITCH and upcoming THE ARCHIVED, and Kiersten White of the PARANORMALCY series as well as the upcoming MIND GAMES. They were both so much awesome.

While I was in line, I heard someone talking about their book coming out soon, and it was Shannon Messenger! :D She gave me signed bookmarks, and I gave her Fancy Narwhal stickers.

After recovering for a couple of weeks, LeakyCon arrived.

It was only a week ago. It marked a lot of growth in my life from a lot of firsts. Flying alone (yep, almost missed my flight), wandering the streets of Chicago, sitting through so many amazing Lit panels with authors and agents who gave the most wonderful advice.

Holly Black, Laini Taylor, and Stephanie Perkins offered me so much advice about the writing situation I'm going through, and I don't think I've ever felt so relieved to have people understand what I'm going through. It's something else going along for a while thinking you're in the dark and then boom, someone hands you a lantern. Not only are you NOT in the dark, you're also surrounded by people who are going through or have gone through the same thing.

While contemplating the existence of my current novel, I've been keeping busy with The Fancy Narwhal which took the LeakyCon Craft Fair by storm with all of it's fanciness. Next week, we'll be at Meltdown Comics for the Super*Market. If you're in the Hollywood area, you should stop by. <3 p="p">
On a story related note, I'm working on a comic project called Estari with one of my best friends. You can watch the progress here:


Sorry about the brain dump. You know. All of that *motions above* that information I just unloaded.  Hopefully I can get back to a regular posting schedule soon.

In the meantime, how has your summer been?

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