Saturday, May 5, 2012

LeakyCon and the Stories We'll Have

 Earlier in the year, I escaped. I ran away. The weight of the world absolutely crushed me, and all of the things that happened--good and bad--in 2011 came falling down around me like a blanket of snow. I was smothered.

I wasn't the greatest person to be around. I was a bitch (...not like I haven't been one in the past... sorry guys), and I would go to work and come home and go to work and come home and then just lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling wondering why I felt so restless.

So I pulled the trigger. With some inspiring talks with a couple of co-workers (one who is about to go off on his own adventures), I booked tickets to Costa Rica. Within three weeks, I was there, it was amazing--pressed the good ole reset button.

When I returned, everything was still upside down. Still dealing with my father's death, still reeling from the strange behavior I fell into for the holidays and new year... there was a lot of rebuilding to do. I jumped back into work, enrolled in online classes, and promptly made a billion projects for myself.

One of the things I imagined would've gone away after I traveled was the urge to travel more. I thought the wanderlust would disappear. A good friend sort of laughed at me and said, "It doesn't work that way."

I was finding this out.

Imagining new destinations, I was already planning my next trip in my head. I'd traveled to Costa Rica, now I could go anywhere. I could take that Alaskan Cruise I wanted. Or I could go to Greece! Greece!

The ideas piled up but that urgency from earlier was gone, so I just let them all simmer on a pot.

A close, best friend of mine--one of two amazing people who suffer through my writing--tackled me online one day. "LeakyCON," she said. "LEAKY. CON. JULI. WE HAVE TO GO. WOULDN'T IT BE FUN?!" (I'm not sure if she actually wrote in capslock, but that's how I FELT like she would've said it to me.)

Having met through a mutual love for Harry Potter, I knew that those two strange words were the key to one of the biggest Harry Potter conventions ever. And I had wanted a chance to--yeah okay, insert your giggles here--wear my Slytherin robes again. It was a dream though. Spend that money on airfare, hotel, and the convention in CHICAGO just to hang out with a bunch of Harry Potter nerds?

Yeah, I really, really wanted to.

But I couldn't justify it. I had just gone to Costa Rica...

... time passed. Slowly. Or too fast. Or where it feels slowly but then you look back and say, "What the shit, time, where did you go?"

And I finally made a decision. BAM. Convention tickets bought. BAM. Airplane tickets bought.


Hello, Chicago!

I'm heading to Chicago in August to partake in LeakyCon, but also the LeakyCon Lit portion of the convention. Guys... guys... these people!


It's been kind of a crazy year.

And I don't anticipate it getting any less crazy,

But I'm finally learning to embrace it and realize that these days, weeks, months, years are the moments we crave for the stories we'll one day tell.


What adventures are you having/planning?


  1. When I heard the two of you were going to Leakycon, I decided I would go. I have my passport and will have a car, and it's only a few hours away by car, so I'm definitely going to go. Plus it's during a very special weekend for me :P And I've been really really feeling this urge to 1) travel and 2) meet the people that have inspired me to do something with my life. haha.