Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You. Yes. You. Who are you?

I just want to take a moment to recognize two things:

1. Even though I don't blog often, I want to.

2. I hardly know you at all.

If you have a moment, just a single moment, please tell me something about yourself.  Anything. Favorite book. Nicknames. Favorite moment in your life. Your greatest fear. You can also ask me a question, and I'll answer it.



  1. Well, I'm fine! I love chocolate mousse :D I really like listening to music all day long, and I love music so much that I'm studying at the music school and I'll become a piano teacher some day.

    As you might notice, english is not my first language (en realidad hablo espaƱol), but I think I speak it very well :P
    Also I love K-pop. Have you listened to any Korean song? Oh, you should do it, you would love them. Here, I'll give you this one:

    I love K-pop so much that I'm trying to learn korean on my own, with a pdf book I found, since here in my city there are not korean teachers :( It's so difficult, but it's an easy language and I have fun while I try to learn it.

    Good luck with your blog and with your life!

  2. Hi Emiliano!

    Piano! I grew up playing the piano! Unfortunately, we had to sell our old baby grand when we moved, so I haven't played in years. I tried buying a guitar to offset the sadness of not being able to pluck the keys, but it hasn't been very successful.

    I'm half Korean! I grew up listening to J-pop and K-pop. <3 Unfortunately, my heritage and love for the music didn't translate into me learning Korean--my mom told me that she tried to teach me when I was young, but I told her she sounded funny. ;D

    <3 Thank you for your comment, and I'm excited that we have much in common!