Saturday, April 14, 2012

On dyeing your hair pink. (A weekly recap)

I wanted to do a fun weekly recap every Friday, but I was exhausted yesterday.  Eventually, I'd like to include great posts I've read, videos I've seen, things I've heard... I just need to start keeping a log. Unfortunately, this post will be a little me-centric.

Without further delay, here are some fun things from last week:

I pinked my hair! Last year, I made the move from brown hair to black and red hair, and I finally got tired of it and went for pink.

I painted a picture of my friend's cat, Scamp! It's watercolor and acrylic on illustration board.

I launched my new FLIGHT collection at The Fancy Narwhal!  This is one of the sticker sheets :D

The company that makes beanie babies, Ty, came out with these new toys called Monstaz. My George bought me the pink one (it matches my hair now!) and my co-worker bought the purple one for herself (she has purple hair too ;) ) and then my other co-worker got the mini-green one. They all make annoyingly cute noises that, when played in unison, destroys the productivity of the office. ;)

Still taking entries for this contest until I pull the winners tomorrow morning! Enter to win a copy of this awesome book!

That's pretty much it! Well. Except this:

Lannister is on the right, Sherlock is on the left.

I'll end this post with kitties ;) Happy weekend, everyone!

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