Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friends and writing.

I have two of the best friends and the best readers ever.

[4/12/12 2:10:59 AM] Joanna: Okay.
[4/12/12 2:11:03 AM] Joanna: You're not here right now.
[4/12/12 2:11:04 AM] Joanna: But.
[4/12/12 2:11:07 AM] Joanna: FWIW
[4/12/12 2:11:22 AM] Joanna: I think you've finally reached the challenge Juli.
[4/12/12 2:11:27 AM] Joanna: I think THIS RIGHT HERE is the hard part.
[4/12/12 2:11:39 AM] Joanna: You're past the first flush of OMG I have a story to tell
[4/12/12 2:12:09 AM] Joanna: and when you finish, then you'll have to do query letters and stuff and I know if it were me, some small part of me would be scared of rejection at that stage
[4/12/12 2:12:33 AM] Joanna: So I think that it's THIS part that is the hard part. Pushing through the edits until you have something on the other side.
[4/12/12 2:12:54 AM] Joanna: And I know I prefer to sleep a lot! And play games and not do flute practice and just spend time spending time
[4/12/12 2:13:07 AM] Joanna: but this is the bit that sets you apart
[4/12/12 2:14:08 AM] Joanna: I think this is the second hurdle that people fall at.
[4/12/12 2:14:16 AM] Joanna: The first is actually finishing something in the first place.
[4/12/12 2:14:25 AM] Joanna: You've passed that with flying colours
[4/12/12 2:14:49 AM] Joanna: So if you want, I can be the bully and make you feel like crap until you get this done XD
[4/12/12 2:15:11 AM] Joanna: Then Kelly will take you out for tea in Chicago :)
[4/12/12 10:11:55 AM] Kelly: Joanna, how do you life. You always say the perfect thing.

I love them. So much.


  1. Sounds like you've got some good company!

  2. I always read posts from authors about critique partners and readers--I even jumped in once and answered sort of a blog classified for CPs--but I didn't realize that some of the best people to read my books would be people I've known for years. They have this uncanny ability to have a critical eye AND know how to keep me moving. They are such a gift. <3

    How are you doing?