Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop - Year of the Dragon

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop! Whee! This is not the beginning. If you wish to start the adventure, hop on over by clicking the image below. <3

Abandon Sensei to Help the Dragon

You’ve always trusted your sensei, but in the last few years, you noticed he was acting differently. A little less humble... a little more wild-eyed. You didn’t say anything because you knew he was going through a rough time, but all of these secrets he hid from you.

Why would he hide such a huge tale from his student? The one person he’s been entrusting his knowledge and secrets to for all of these years...

Your head hurts. You should free the sensei, but before you can make the decision, the dragon speaks again.

“We met a long time ago, the sensei and I. He’s a lot older than he looks, and he looks pretty old,” the dragon says. “He was young, foolish, but forthright. He knew of good and evil, and he knew about the balance that was needed between the two.”

“We fell out of contact until a few years ago, and when he found out that my eggs would hatch and there would be more dragons again in the world, he fought tooth and nail to keep me from them.”

“Because you’re a dragon. Dragons are dangerous,” you say. You’re still frightened, yet the tone of the lady dragon keeps you calm and relaxed. Perhaps you have the upper hand. “He can’t just let dragons out into the world.”

“I will take my hatchlings north, into hiding,” the dragon pleads. “If they hatch without me, they will consume each other. The dragons will cease to exist. There are only two left--my mate and I--and we are both nearing the end. The magic the dragons hold... beyond anything anyone could imagine.”

“Don’t listen to her!” The sensei yells, and it echoes terribly in the cavern. Your ears ring. “She’s fooling you!”

“I’m sorry I treated you so terribly,” The dragon says, huffing, swirls of smoke twisting from it’s nostrils. You are mesmerized by the red scales that seem to glitter even in the darkness. “Please, go back to the dojo with me to find the relic. Time is running out.”

You climb onto the dragon’s back near the edge of the cliff. The scales glint in the sparse moments of sun, and you look away to avoid being blinded. She lifts you into the air, and you feel the wind whistling by you. The trees from the mountain seem so far away, but the dragon sweeps down--as if she’s read your mind--into the treetops and weaves in and out. The cool air becomes cold, and you’re gasping. She pulls you back into the sky and slows her pace allowing you to see the beauty of your surroundings. This is one of those moments where you wish you had a camera.

Before long, she lands at the dojo, and you run inside to look for the relic. The dojo always felt somewhat empty, what with only you and your sensei, but it feels almost ghostly now that he’s not there. You run into his office and throw open the drawers and cabinets.

Rummaging through the drawers, you look for the jade toothpick, when the sense to look at the actual toothpick holder comes over you. It’s silly, right? But when you find it there, you shake your head. The sensei kept a most treasured possession in a toothpick holder.

You grab it, enclosing it in your hand gently, and run out of the dojo and towards the dragon.
“I have it.”

“Give it to me,” the dragon coaxes. She lowers her head to you and stares you down. You feel compelled to give it to her, as if she has some power over you. Blinking, you shake away the clouds in your mind. You look around you. The mundane. The every day life you live. You want more.

“No... no. I will hold it, and we will make an agreement. If you do not agree, I will shatter the relic into pieces,” you say. You have the upper hand now.

“ agreement?” The dragon says. Her eyes glisten at you, and she drops her head down to your level.

“I know, through dragon lore, that the promise of a dragon can never be broken and will be carried through the end of time, and that if the dragon breaks the promise, the dragon will turn to a mass of glittering gems.” When it leaves your lips, it sounds ridiculous, but you stick to it.

The dragon snorts and smoke curls out of her nostrils. “How do you know this?”

“You will make the promise to me that you will release my sensei, you will harm no human unless they harm you... and you will let me visit you. Unharmed. I want to learn the power of the dragon.”

“You ask three promises of me, not one.”

“You have four eggs to save. Not one,” you reply feeling the confidence growing inside of you.

The dragon urges you onto her back, “We haven’t the time to sit around. Jump on my back, and we’ll talk on the way there.” Warily, you jump on the dragon’s back.

The flight is short this time, but when you arrive, the dragon stands at attention to you.

“I promise I will release the sensei. I will not harm him nor another human lest he try to harm me first. I promise to take you to our land where you will learn the power of the dragon.”

“And you must promise that your hatchlings will also hold to this promise.”
“They will. I promise.”

You nod and follow the dragon down the tunnel and towards the curtain of mist that keeps the dragon from her eggs.

“You said that this relic will allow you to retrieve them?” you ask.

“Yes. I will be able to gather the hatchlings together, and finally be freed of this cavern.”

“How does it work?” you ask.

“Prick the mist with the sharp end of the relic.”

You hear clattering from down the tunnel. The sensei. Your heart beats.

“Okay. Here we go.”

Before you move to prick the mist, the cries of the baby dragons can be heard. You glance up, from the relic, and see that they are already starting to hatch.

“Hurry! I must feed them.”

Feed them what? You wonder. Your hands begin to shake. The tales, the lore. Is it true? What if it isn’t...

You look at the dragon and her babies and consider an exit strategy. You can run and crawl down a narrow tunnel you saw. They could fry you with their flames, but you’d be no good to them dead.

You prick the misty curtain. It dissipates, and you dive out of the way from the mother dragon. She is inside in a flash curling her neck around her babies--all twice the size of you. You freeze in your tracks. The air around the dragons glitters and shimmers. Your breath catches in your body--this is true magic.

“It’s time,” the dragon mother says. To her babies and to you. “Jump onto my back, brave one, and I’ll take you away from here. Once you’re on my back, I’ll unlock the door to the sensei’s prison. You must be far away from here when he comes out, you must be out of his reach. He will come for you.”

Running quickly, you jump onto the dragon’s back. The baby dragons peer at you with curiosity, but they don’t make a move to eat you. The troop of dragons makes its way to the edge of the cliff and the dragon roars. “His gate is now open. We will fly low enough, and you will see I tell the truth.”

Sure enough, your sensei comes running from the cavern and teeters on the edge of the cliff. You can’t hear what he’s saying, but his face is red with anger.

“We must go now,” the dragon calls into the wind. “Do you have the relic still?”

“Yes!” You call to her.

“Hold onto it. You will need it if you are to learn the power of the dragon. You will need it if your sensei finds you. For now, we will fly to Dragon Sky, and then decide the rest later.”

“Fly!” You say--the wind whistling around you and the feeling of magic rising within you--and she does.


  1. Wow, that was exciting. Flying off to Dragon Sky, eh? To learn dragon magic? Can I come?