Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Costa Rica & Running Away

After a promotion at work, my dad passing away, dealing with some family struggles, figuring out a tumultuous relationship, getting myself neck deep into an interesting, frustrating situation, and pining away for a land other than my own, I flew off to Costa Rica.

It was beautiful--it was everything I wanted. Volcanoes, waterfalls, adventures.

I returned even more exhausted than when I left, but it was a beautiful exhaustion. The one that says, "Yeah, I did ALL of that. I took every opportunity. And it was life-changing."

I'm back now, and I thought going to another country would quell the want to travel, but if anything, the wanderlust has quadrupled.

Have you ever run off in search of something and come back to find, even though the adventure was grand, you were really just running away?

Image was taken at the Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica