Monday, January 30, 2012

On being in a million places at once.

I always post with the best of intentions.

I'm going to post weekly, I tell myself. I'm going to keep up with what's going on around me, I say.

And then two months later, I realize that time has passed, and I haven't made any effort to post. I try to read blogs every couple of weeks, but I never comment or post. Mostly because I'm trying to cram so much into my day that I just don't have the time--or I just don't make the time for it.

Part of it is because my internet life is spread out across so many different networks.

deviantART, first, since this is my job. I love it--I spend 8 hours a day helpdesking there, and I try to keep my journals and submissions recent/relevant.

Twitter, second, since it's the quickest, easiest way for me to send and receive information, pictures, quotes, thoughts.

tumblr, third. The pictures are inspiring, and I often go there to share others stuff on one blog and then share my own on another.

This blog is last. After all of that. After facebook. Mostly because I'm all out of words by the end of the day. And then because I'm intimidated by all of you. All of you amazing readers and writers. Everyone has so many amazing stories, and I don't want to post things that I've recycled from elsewhere.

I'm going to make a concentrated effort to at least comment. Even if this blog looks stale, at least I'll be able to interact with you all.

<3 Thanks for hanging around. You guys are great.

How do you handle/balance social networking? How do you balance the writing you do in your regular life and the writing you do in your blogs and social networking?