Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yes, the title sums it up.

Life is taking me for a spin (instead of the other way around), but it's so much good I can't complain.

It's been tough balancing everything with this blog. I spend so much time on deviantART that I rarely have time to do much else. I think it's a matter of carving out time on the weekends to make sure I check in here. I've missed so many great posts, and the thought of reaching back a couple months and trying to catch up makes my eye twitch. I'm going to be making a greater effort to blog here, even though I'm sure there are many other writers out there sharing their journeys... and they are much more interesting and helpful than I am.

Since I've been gone, what have you all been up to? If you link me to a blog post you've posted recently, or one that's important to you, I'll drop by :)


PS. I still have to announce my giveaway winners! Stay tuned for that in the next journal. Yeah. I know. That was a long time ago :D

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