Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where do you write?

In an attempt to find a comfortable place to write, I lugged my laptop to the bedroom, to the couch, and finally to this little nook pictured above. When I moved into this apartment, I saw this space and knew I wanted to do something different with it. I wanted it to be cozy and comfortable with just the right lighting and just the right chairs.

I really wanted a place I could sit down and feel like I was in my own world where I could just write all of my thoughts and be surrounded by the books I love.

You know how many times I've used it?

Two times.

One was today.

I'm sitting here now in an attempt to get used to this, but it really comes down to convenience. It's easier for me to write on the couch with the TV on, or at the dining room table, but I'm trying to create a habit now that will last for a long time.

I want to put my butt into this chair and BOOM my mind goes, "Hey, time to write!"

It's been asked many times, and will continue to be asked many times over, but where do you write? Where do you think? Do you have a routine?

Maybe you need a special chair or a special drink, or maybe you just need to be outside with fresh air.

Spill the beans!



Yes, the title sums it up.

Life is taking me for a spin (instead of the other way around), but it's so much good I can't complain.

It's been tough balancing everything with this blog. I spend so much time on deviantART that I rarely have time to do much else. I think it's a matter of carving out time on the weekends to make sure I check in here. I've missed so many great posts, and the thought of reaching back a couple months and trying to catch up makes my eye twitch. I'm going to be making a greater effort to blog here, even though I'm sure there are many other writers out there sharing their journeys... and they are much more interesting and helpful than I am.

Since I've been gone, what have you all been up to? If you link me to a blog post you've posted recently, or one that's important to you, I'll drop by :)


PS. I still have to announce my giveaway winners! Stay tuned for that in the next journal. Yeah. I know. That was a long time ago :D