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The Group 9 Crusaders present to you the Choose Your Own Adventure bloghop! Enjoy your adventure, and be careful to make the right choices ;D

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If you are already on your quest:

You've chosen: Smack it! Whack the Yeti!:

           Ha! Pet it! You’ve seen enough man-eating animal documentaries to know better than to touch it. It’s all a ploy. Those sweet round eyes and moist nose. Just a ploy before he’s sure to sink his teeth into you.
           The fear sets in again, and you do it. You swing the rock down, aiming for the beast’s head.
           Unfortunately, you’ve never really been an athlete, so your whack does little more than your bare hand slapping it would’ve. Actually, that might have been more effective.
           The rock slips from your hand and falls to the floor, and you’re frozen. The beast’s eyes stare at you, and you wonder whether it’s confused, amused, or just hungry.          
           “Ahhhh!” You scream loudly and flail your arms in a moment of panic, and the rush of adrenaline urges you to act erratically.  Your arm shoots out, and in a wild grabbing motion, your fingers close on the fur of the Yeti. You tug and tug, and yet no hair is freed. It’s as though the hair is bolted to its body.
           One last panicked tug frees a clump of hair, and the previously docile Yeti yowls in such a way that you almost drop it. You ball your hand into a fist and back up as quickly as you can, knowing you’re going to trip over a rock, or something, and it will all be over.
           The Yeti’s yowling subsides by the time you’re a fair distance away, and you turn around to break into a full run.  You stuff the hair into your pocket, and your legs gallop out of the cave and back to the wonderful outside world.
           The cold air smacks you in the face, and your elation grabs you momentarily. You have the samples. You have the samples!
           You almost skip on the way through the forests and through the trees, still cautiously tossing awkward glances over your shoulder. You feel like maybe the Yeti is still watching you, but since you didn’t hear it come after you, as the moments pass you feel more comfortable.
           After a few minutes, you slow to an easy jog, enjoying the crisp air, and then you turn your head to the left to see the beautiful horizon through the trees.
           When you started, you didn’t realize how high you had climbed to find this mysterious cave, and as your heartbeat slows, you take deeper and more satisfying breaths.
           The clouds tickle the horizon as they pass, and you relish the moment of having the samples of Yeti fur in your possession. No doubt there would be skin particles, and you didn’t even get a scratch. A photograph might have been nice, but now that you have the samples, everyone will know they exist and seek them out for further samples and investigation.
           You take one last breath of air, shaking still from the adrenaline, before turning away from the horizon.
           Before you can react, the Yeti is charging towards you, and the moment of happiness you had is caught between confusion and fear. It’s too late to react. The Yeti leaps through the air and lands on your chest sending you both over the cliff in freefall flight.
          You cling to it's fur, and the Yeti clings to you, and for a moment you share a moment of panic together. The air freezes your skin, and you enjoy the moment of falling free before your ultimate and untimely end.
          Instead crashing to your demise, your fall is only seconds and you tumble down the side of what you thought was a steep cliff only to find that it's a snow covered twiggy slope.
          You both tumble with each other, rolling down the hill. Something's broken, you're sure, but hitting the ground never felt so good. Your heart thumps in your chest as you roll to a stop in the dirty, melting snow.
          The Yeti lies beside you and turns to face you. You groan and cover your face with your hands. You're giving up. It can eat you. Not that you'd be able to move quickly anyway.
          When you move your hands from your face, the Yeti is no longer beside you, but standing over you.
          He lifts a rock, a bigger rock than the one you used to try and knock him out, and swings it down towards your face.

The End.

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