Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An apology

Hi everyone!

I know this isn't much, but I wanted to offer an apology to you all. Yes, each and every one of you who has followed my blog. Whether it's from the crusade or from something else.

When I joined in to the crusade, I had a game plan in my head. Blogs I would comment on, blogs I would post, people I would say hi to and so much more.

The plan slowly fell apart as things started happening around me, most notably (and recently) a car accident on Friday and my grandmother passing away on Sunday.

So here I am. With a giant 'I'm so sorry' and a promise to you all.

I didn't join the crusade group thinking this was a short, quick sort of thing. I joined because I wanted to make writing friends who I would be able to support and exchange thoughts and ideas with for a very long time. Regardless of my start, I promise I'm in this for the long haul--way after the crusade is over--because I have really yet to begin this great journey.

Thanks guys and gals. You're all awesome <3