Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing to finish and writing to write.

With my book in the capable hands of two lovely friends, I'm beginning to understand some of the differences between writing to finish a book and writing to just write a damn good book.

When I started Curio, the fourth time, it was to finish the book. I have had so many false starts and so many half-books, and it made me wonder if I would ever finish anything. I stuck to a strict diet of outlining my scenes, and eventually, through toiling and running a word marathon, I finished.

And you can see, when you read it, exactly what I did. You can tell that through my rushing, the pacing is awkward, that parts needed to be thought on more, and some of my characters don't have time to develop that delicious bond we, as readers, crave. The connection.

Dreamers has been different. I'm writing slowly, deliberately, and the words are meaningful. I can only see a few steps ahead of me--I haven't written out scene outlines in their entirety--but it's just enough to know where I'm going. I have room to grow, to manipulate the story, and put the puzzle pieces together the right way the first time around.

I'm about 8,000 words into Dreamers, and although I know that it's just a tiny piece to the huge puzzle, it's a start. A pretty encouraging one.

I'm not greedy. I'll take encouraging.

(edit) I'm going to jump into the Writers' Platform-building crusade! Check it out here: CRUSADEEE! I found this through my newest writer friend, Devin!


Happy (or productive) writing!

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