Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway: Travel

I have a lot of fun over at my deviantART account (username: ArtisticAunJuli), and I have been doing a giveaway once a month!

x-posted from my dA account:

Giveaway Two: Travel

I don't have my passport. I have never had a passport.

But I really want to travel.

It's been on my list to get a passport for sometime, and I think this will be the year I'll get it. I want to travel to so many places, see so many things. Growing up, I moved a lot. The change of scenery, at the time, scared the shit out of me, and I was always upset when I had to leave the friends I had just made. Now that I'm older, the itchy feeling of needing to escape and go somewhere new nags at me.

The feeling was quelled in 2008 and 2009 when I moved to Phoenix (AZ), San Antonio, Houston (TX), Corona, Buena Park, and Riverside, California.

Yeah, I didn't want to move after that…

But the want to wander is still there, and I'm lucky that California offers so many different landscapes all within a driving distance and reasonable price range. Eventually, I'll get my passport, and hopefully we'll save enough money to go somewhere and experience things I've only read about.

This giveaway post is much shorter, but I really have to write my book D: (and I don't think saying over and over and over that I want to travel in different ways is going to be very interesting.)

For this giveaway

1. Simply leave a comment and tell me where you've been and where you're going! Don't worry if you haven't been anywhere, tell me about the landscapes local to you. What's interesting in your village, town, city, country? What do you long to see? What do you need to see before you kick the bucket?

2. You'll be automatically entered into the drawing by leaving a comment answering the prompt.

3. That's it. Really.

The prizes
One winner will have the option to pick their prize package:

Package A: A travel guidebook to the country of their choice & 15$ Amazon Gift Card

Package B: A 25$ Amazon Gift Card

Package C: 2000 points! (This is a deviantART prize option!)

Giveaway Closes on March 5th, 11:55pm Pacific Time

Winners will be announced on March 13th

Giveaway Three will be announced on March 13th

Giveaway One Winners and stuff:

<3 Juli

P.S. deviantART users are entering there, and bloggers can enter here. One entry per user, and the entrants from both sites will be combined, though there may be more than one prize given out.

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