Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh dear.

I may regret this, but I laughed so hard when I saw it, I had to share it.

My co-worker and awesome friend Chris likes to take photos with her phone when I am unaware. Usually, I become aware and hide behind my hands or my computer monitor.

She has an absurd number of photos with my hand in the way. (I have an absurd number of photos of her with a phone in front of her face.)

With the iPhone app, Muybridgizer, she captured this wonderful gif of me waving a Medieval Times flag and looking ridiculously happy.

You may laugh if you wish. Enjoy:


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Distractions & a Game!

Welcome to Saturday! I'm a little late, since it's around 2:30pm here, but I have been trying to catch up with all of the stuff that accumulated while I was in Vegas.

Work is crazy--going back to work for three days after a long weekend is hard, and I'm glad to have this weekend to center myself and get back to it. Do any of you have deviantART accounts? If you do, link me to them, I'd love to check them out. :)

Distractions punch me in the face. Even if I don't have anything to do, I'm still ridiculously distracted. I started going through my blog comments, ended up at the crusaders page, hung out on a few blogs... and then I baked coconut macaroons, toasted bagels, and whipped up some tuna salad.

I also burned my hand because I am an idiot. I grabbed a hot pan from the oven. It was lovely. I'm trying to type gently.

ANYWAY, distractions!

Let's play a game!

The internet is a world of distractions, and I can waste a day away clicking from one thing to the next. I also have the unfortunate habit of opening a bunch of windows/tabs at once, and I get lost in my own browser.

If you have multiple tabs open:
What are they? (you don't have to be super specific)

If you have one window open:
What are the last three websites you've visited? (again, you don't have to be super specific.)

Do you have any weird browsing habits or a routine you follow?

Let's go!


5 Firefox Tabs open:

1st tab:
2nd tab: The blog entry window
3rd tab: The list of crusaders
4th tab:
5th tab: When do eggs really expire?

It's usually a lot worse, but you get the idea. ;D


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a quick post to say hello to everyone!

I've been in Las Vegas, so I'm pretty behind on this Crusader business. HELLO TO YOU ALL AND I WILL BE VISITING YOUR PAGES SOON!

If you have time, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite book is!


See you all around!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Giveaway: Travel

I have a lot of fun over at my deviantART account (username: ArtisticAunJuli), and I have been doing a giveaway once a month!

x-posted from my dA account:

Giveaway Two: Travel

I don't have my passport. I have never had a passport.

But I really want to travel.

It's been on my list to get a passport for sometime, and I think this will be the year I'll get it. I want to travel to so many places, see so many things. Growing up, I moved a lot. The change of scenery, at the time, scared the shit out of me, and I was always upset when I had to leave the friends I had just made. Now that I'm older, the itchy feeling of needing to escape and go somewhere new nags at me.

The feeling was quelled in 2008 and 2009 when I moved to Phoenix (AZ), San Antonio, Houston (TX), Corona, Buena Park, and Riverside, California.

Yeah, I didn't want to move after that…

But the want to wander is still there, and I'm lucky that California offers so many different landscapes all within a driving distance and reasonable price range. Eventually, I'll get my passport, and hopefully we'll save enough money to go somewhere and experience things I've only read about.

This giveaway post is much shorter, but I really have to write my book D: (and I don't think saying over and over and over that I want to travel in different ways is going to be very interesting.)

For this giveaway

1. Simply leave a comment and tell me where you've been and where you're going! Don't worry if you haven't been anywhere, tell me about the landscapes local to you. What's interesting in your village, town, city, country? What do you long to see? What do you need to see before you kick the bucket?

2. You'll be automatically entered into the drawing by leaving a comment answering the prompt.

3. That's it. Really.

The prizes
One winner will have the option to pick their prize package:

Package A: A travel guidebook to the country of their choice & 15$ Amazon Gift Card

Package B: A 25$ Amazon Gift Card

Package C: 2000 points! (This is a deviantART prize option!)

Giveaway Closes on March 5th, 11:55pm Pacific Time

Winners will be announced on March 13th

Giveaway Three will be announced on March 13th

Giveaway One Winners and stuff:

<3 Juli

P.S. deviantART users are entering there, and bloggers can enter here. One entry per user, and the entrants from both sites will be combined, though there may be more than one prize given out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing to finish and writing to write.

With my book in the capable hands of two lovely friends, I'm beginning to understand some of the differences between writing to finish a book and writing to just write a damn good book.

When I started Curio, the fourth time, it was to finish the book. I have had so many false starts and so many half-books, and it made me wonder if I would ever finish anything. I stuck to a strict diet of outlining my scenes, and eventually, through toiling and running a word marathon, I finished.

And you can see, when you read it, exactly what I did. You can tell that through my rushing, the pacing is awkward, that parts needed to be thought on more, and some of my characters don't have time to develop that delicious bond we, as readers, crave. The connection.

Dreamers has been different. I'm writing slowly, deliberately, and the words are meaningful. I can only see a few steps ahead of me--I haven't written out scene outlines in their entirety--but it's just enough to know where I'm going. I have room to grow, to manipulate the story, and put the puzzle pieces together the right way the first time around.

I'm about 8,000 words into Dreamers, and although I know that it's just a tiny piece to the huge puzzle, it's a start. A pretty encouraging one.

I'm not greedy. I'll take encouraging.

(edit) I'm going to jump into the Writers' Platform-building crusade! Check it out here: CRUSADEEE! I found this through my newest writer friend, Devin!


Happy (or productive) writing!


I haven't felt this excited about writing or about my life since I was a teenager dreaming my life away.

Got a long way to go, so let's do this.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Somehow. Sometimes. Some way.

I was going to write about writing, instead, I decided to write about living.

Sometimes, when it's late, sometimes when I let him doze off, I watch him sleep. I stop what I'm doing, I stop pretending that everything is fine and just watch.

I watch the way he breathes, I watch his face, his eyelashes. I look and I wonder how we make it. I wonder how even with all of the hope and miracles we've had, how sometimes it's like we're holding onto a thread.

This quiet contemplation only happens when he's asleep. When I see him in his most fragile state.

That is when I lose my mind, and I just can't help but cry. And I beat myself up for not working harder. Or not doing this. Or not doing that. Like I have control of his illness. Like if I could JUST do this, or if I had just done that.

The hardest part is surrendering. Surrendering to the fact that I'm doing all that I can, my very best, that we are doing are very best.

Somehow, though, knowing this doesn't make it feel any better. And then I mop myself up, and push through another couple of days, weeks, months.

We've made it this far. Nothing will stop in our way. That's the only thing I know, that's as far as I can see.

And I'm okay with that for now.