Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Book List & Novel Writing

It's amazing how you can feel so satisfied with a mere 500 words. Some nights I feel like I'm writing a thousand words of garbage. Other nights, like tonight, a couple hundred really amazing words make up for the garbage. It is an artform like I've never known before. Constantly extracting words and replacing them. Moving them around like a puzzle.

Tomorrow will be a test to see how far I'm going to take it. I know I have a good four thousand words inside of me. It sounds like a lot, but I'm going to go through chapters two through four to see if I can't flip them into something magical like I did with Chapter one tonight.

I'm nicknaming my novel 'Crowns' for now. I have a placeholder title that I don't really like, but this nickname will help distinguish between other projects I'm working on.


On reading books:

I'm greatly amused. I finished Inkspell tonight and began reading the new debut from Carrie Ryan. My reading list for 2009 thus far:

1. On Writing - Stephen King
2. Faerie Wars - Herbie Brennan
3. The Purple Emperor – Herbie Brennan
4. Playing for Pizza – John Grisham
5. You are so Undead to me - Stacey Jay
6. Ruler of the Realm – Herbie Brennan
7. Inkheart – Cornelia Funke
8. Inkspell – Cornelia Funke

Eight books. And some were huge. I am amused because these eight books are more books than I've read in 2008 and 2007 combined. I did pick up reading again in 2008, but the last few years have been so dry. I can't wait to read Ryan's book, and I have the Discworld series (books 1 and 2) waiting for me afterwards. It's wonderful to read again.

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