Saturday, February 14, 2009

Five hours

I spent a great deal of the day packing things up for my move. I'm worried, scared, excited, scared and a little more scared. Despite all of the packing, I was able to write a little bit for my short story 'Red Meat,' transfer more stuff from paper to my laptop, and wrote about 1,000 words for my trucker romance novel. Laugh, Trebor, I dare you. But I did. I DID.

The last five hours of my night were spent in bed with George. SHUT UP. I know what you are thinking. Valentine's day... alone in the house...

Nope. We READ. For five hours! I'm blissful right now. We had snacks, took a break and got some fast food, ate and read. It was amazing.

George is currently reading Playing for Pizza by John Grisham
Juli is currently reading The Purple Emperor by Herbie Brennan (book 2 in the Faerie War series)

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